What is Theos AI?

The Operating System of AI

Theos AI is an end-to-end platform for Artificial Intelligence development. Train your own neural network in just a few hours and use it to give intelligence to your apps, robots, spaceships and everything else.

Start your AI journey

Here we will explain in great detail how you can use Theos AI to create intelligent software. Following are the sections of our official documentation and should be read in order.

  • Get Started with your AI journey right now for free by following a simple guide for the cognitive task of your choice.

  • Library is the place where you can search for all the neural networks and cognitive tasks that Theos supports.

  • Datasets are the set of examples your AI will learn from to perform cognitive tasks.

  • Machines are powerful computers Theos controls to perform neural network training.

  • Train is the act of making your AI learn from your dataset.

  • Deploy is the act of deploying your AI into production on a highly scalable REST API entirely managed by Theos, so you can finally make intelligent software by making simple HTTP requests.

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