Rest API

Create API Tokens to control your Theos project through API calls.

Create your API Token

Go to your project settings and click on the API Tokens tab.

Click on the New Token button on the top right corner.

Finally click create and you'll get a new API Token to make API calls to the Theos AI platform.

Call the API

Now you can control the Theos AI platform from anywhere you want through API calls. Read the following pages to learn how to use the API for all the different sections of Theos.

  • Datasets are the set of examples your AI will learn from to perform cognitive tasks.

  • Machines are powerful computers Theos controls to perform neural network training.

  • Train is the act of making your AI learn from your dataset.

  • Deploy is the act of deploying your AI into production on a highly scalable REST API entirely managed by Theos, so you can finally make intelligent software by making simple HTTP requests.

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