The place to upload images to your dataset


To upload images to your dataset, click on the Upload tab and drop images or click one of the two buttons to select them. In most cases, 100 images will work just fine for an initial training. You can always come here again later and upload more images to label, in order to increase the performance of your AI.


Theos supports images in all known formats: jpg, jpeg, png, webp, etc. There can't be any image of more than 25MB.

Following are the images limits.

  • In the Free plan you can upload up to 1000 images.

  • In the Startup plan you can upload up to 25,000 images.

  • In the Business plan you can upload up to 100,000 images.

  • In the Enterprise plan you can upload much more than 100,000 images (determined in our custom agreement).

Label formats

Theos also supports uploading labeled images in the following formats.

Object Detection

Following are the supported Object Detection label formats.

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