The powerful computers where Theos performs neural network training.


Machines is the third section of the platform. Machines are powerful computers with GPUs that Theos controls to perform neural network training.

There are 3 main ways to connect a new machine to Theos in order to train your AI.

  • If you in are in one of our professional plans, use one of your Theos Cloud Machines that are always connected and come with powerful NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUS, with 16GB of video memory, for lightning fast training.

  • Otherwise, you can use our Google colab notebook to connect a colab instance to Theos and use one of Google's free GPUs. The downside is that Google can shutdown your instance at any moment and stop your training without notice. But don't worry, we upload a checkpoint of the Weights file your AI generates at the end of every new epoch, so you won't loose any progress if this happens.

  • Finally, you can connect your own On-Premise GPU machines and servers, to Theos to make the most use of your existing hardware.

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