Google Colab

Google's free GPU instances.

Open the notebook

Go to the Machines section of Theos and click on the + button, then click on the Use google colab button to open the Theos notebook.

Install our python package

Run the first cell to install the Theos python package and all its dependencies.

Restart Google colab's runtime

Click the Restart runtime button at the end of the installation in order to use the newly installed versions of the packages.

Run the setup

Run the Theos CLI setup to finish the installation process.

Log in to your Theos account

Enter your username and password to log in to your Theos account.

Copy your project key

Go to your project settings and copy your project key.

Connect Colab to Theos

Connect this colab instance to Theos by pasting your project key next to the --project-key argument and run this cell.

Verify the new machine

Go to the Machines section of the platform to verify your colab instance was connected successfully.

Delete your machine

Colab instances last only a few hours before Google shuts them down. If you are in the Free plan you will have only 1 machine available. In order to have many machines, subscribe to one of our professional plans. Otherwise, if you want to connect another colab instance, click the machine's card, then click the Advanced tab, and finally click on the Delete machine button to delete it and be able to connect a new machine.

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